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HELPie a 3 in 1 solution

HELPie is a disposable product that facilitates dental work and saves time for dentists and dental hygienists. The product’s excellence is based on three functional features:

  1. A flexible bite block which keeps the patient’s mouth open without feeling unpleasant.
  2. The tongue cone. The tongue is directed away from the work area, without restricting its movement, as the tongue remains free to move within the cone. The cone also keeps the floor of mouth clear from the work area.
  3. Powerful one-hole suction. The location of suction can be adjusted according to the situation.

HELPie automatically adjusts to fit the patient’s mouth.

HELPie is also suitable for x-ray imaging without creating contrast.

HELPie is quick to use as it requires no assembly, except for the attachment of the dedicated adapter hose which is included with the product.

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