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Medrian Oy develops innovative products targeted at medical professionals.

Our products are high quality Finnish CE marked products, based on innovations that are proven to improve the experience of both customers and dental practitioners. Medrian brings you products that add tangible benefits in your daily work.

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HELPie® -Flexible biteblock, tongue cone and suction - all in one product

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HelpTray -Fluid resistant tray for healthcare work. The construction of the tray keeps accessories and instruments in place.

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Sakula Arcalis -A spacious basin with a robust lid for healthcare - an updated version of the kidney dish.

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World’s Top 100 Doctors for 2020

The two principal requirements for surgery, but in my opinion in all the branches of dentistry, are Visibility and Assistance.

The three factors needed for adequate Visibility are Access, Light and Field free of excess fluids.

HELPie aids in each of them.

Dr. Gurien Demiraqi

HELPie creates a good access in the mouth, removing one of the main obstacles that is the tongue, and providing adequate working place since the mouth can remain open easily.

Dr. Gurien Demiraqi

Furthermore, the facilitating suction access, moved away from the operator, helps to create good illuminated and free of fluids field.

Dr. Gurien Demiraqi

The assistant is also happy since has a free hand (otherwise busy to keep the tongue away) to HELP with other operations. I have used several other mouth-openers during my carrier but HELPie in my opinion is the easiest, with repeatable utility and function so far. A big HELP in my practice. Would highly recommend it to every dentist, with no difference in their experience and qualification.

Dr. Gurien Demiraqi